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Peace of Mind Gravesite Care



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Take care of your loved one for

Service Details

* Make sure to fill out all information pertaining to your loved ones gravesite *

* If you are purchasing multiple bundles please fill out each loved ones information separately *

What's Included

~ 3 maintenance & landscaping visits that include fresh mulch and topsoil for a manicured finish

~ 4 special floral arrangements on the holiday of your choice

~ 2 headstone cleanings (With our specialized formula we get rid of mold and mildew growth making it shine as if new, while protecting it from future growth)

~ Access to our online portal to view the most updated pictures of your loved one's final resting place, as well as an email


Isn’t the cemetery responsible for maintenance of gravesites?

Cemeteries provide basic lawn care to the overall property but are not responsible for the maintenance and continual upkeep of individual gravesites.

How often do you provide care at a gravesite?

With all of our annual beautification bundles we provide year-round maintenance and landscaping visits to ensure the grounds are well groomed at all times. This is in addition to the seasonal floral arrangements, headstone cleanings, and rose bouquet deliveries depending on the bundle of your choice.

Since I can’t go to the cemetery, how will I know you performed the services I requested?

We provide you with a photograph taken at the site for view any time via your personal portal with the purchase of any of our annual bundles.

Will you help with my pet’s memorial?

Pets are part of the family as well and we would love to take care of their resting place.

How do I access my photos via the portal?

In order to access photos via your portal you must go to and sign up for an account. Following your order you will receive an email that prompts you to do this. Sign up with the same email you used when checking out and you will then be able to login at anytime to view any of your photos.

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