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Peace of Mind Gravesite Care

One-Time Resting Place Beautification

One-Time Resting Place Beautification

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Why Choose Us?

Keeping our loved one's resting place cared for and beautiful is important to us all, but with florists and headstone cleaning companies each charging hundreds of dollars a year, along with with the constant manual upkeep, it can seem overwhelming to the point we get caught up in life and forget about it altogether.

That's where we come in.

We wanted to provide an affordable, done-for-you service that lets you express how much you cherish your loved ones without breaking the bank. Save hundreds per year, save the worry, and leave the labor to us. On your visits simply pray and reminisce, let us take care of the rest.

We hope this gives you peace of mind in knowing your loved ones are being cared for, honored, and remembered the way we all know they deserve.

What's Included

Headstone Cleaning

In order to protect your headstone from deterioration, guarding it from mold, mildew and the effects of pollution, it's important to have periodic cleanings.

Over time, if left unattended, the severe elements can cause the headstone to decay. Each visit our skilled craftsmen will restore the appearance and help bring back and preserve its original luster.

Preserve the past, and honor the future.

Floral Arrangement & Landscaping

Each visit we provide you with seasonal curations of silk and live floral arrangements to promote long-lasting beauty. Never again overpay at a florist, instead receive luxurious arrangements at wholesale prices.

Your arrangements are planted within a fresh blanket of mulch and topsoil that is perfectly edged for a lush and manicured appearance that will last and help slow down future weed growth.

Depending on the plot size you select, you will receive 1-3 floral arrangements per visit in order guarantee a vibrant and filled display. We carry out these visits Spring through Autumn in order to provide a longer-lasting pristine look.

Online Photo Gallery

After each visit we upload a picture of your beautified resting place onto an online portal that acts as a photo gallery. From here only you will be able to access every photo that we send to you from anywhere, at anytime.

Perhaps you've relocated out of town or life's just gotten a bit busy, either way it's not always easy to find time to visit your loved one's as often as we'd all like. Now you can have that intimate moment from anywhere, while knowing they are being cared for the way they deserve.

Areas of Service

Our Service Locations Include

Westchester, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Nassau, Suffolk

If your loved one is not located at a cemetery within these areas we cannot service them. Please check back at a later date as we are continually expanding our operations.


Isn’t the cemetery responsible for maintenance of gravesites?

Cemeteries provide basic lawn care to the overall property but are not responsible for the maintenance and continual upkeep of individual gravesites.

How often do you provide care at a gravesite?

The best part about our service is that you get to choose! Whether you want a little extra help, or a complete done-for-you service, we got you covered. Leave the labor to our professionals so that you can focus on prayer and being in the moment, either on your visits or while at home.

Since I can’t go to the cemetery, how will I know you performed the services I requested?

We provide you with a photograph taken at the site for view any time via your personal photo gallery that we set you up with on the purchase of our service.

Will you help with my pet’s memorial?

Pets are part of the family as well and we would love to take care of their resting place.

How do I access my photos via the portal?

In order to access your photos you must go to and sign up for an account. Following your order you will receive and email that prompts you to do this. Sign up with the same email you used when checking out and you will then be able to login at anytime to view all your photos.

How We Give Back

Help Us Help Others

With every purchase a percentage of our proceeds are donated to grief support organizations. By taking care of your loved ones you are also helping others who are battling through this difficult grieving process, and for that we thank you for supporting this cause along with us.

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